Our mission

No, we are not disrupting or breaking things. We simply make them work better. With advanced technology and human drive we aim to become the world's top leader in one hour delivery. Always putting our customers first, we pledge to offer free, intuitiv and intelligent delivery service.
At Senden24 we cherish 3 values: make it reliable, make it fast, make it safe. We fully empower our customers to be in control of their delivery and put them at the center of our logistic platform.
You shop - we deliver!

4 8
Head of Operations

Love shopping technical gadgets. Engaging a lot in social projects and passionate skier.

2 6
Front End dev

Enjoys art, literature and organic food - always improving our customer´s experience.

3 7
Founder and CEO

Grill master of Senden24. Electric bike racer. Loves camping on Icebergs.

1 5

Former Ice Skating champion. Loves shoping in DIY stores.

10 14
Mobile Spirit

Travel gipsy and volleyball pro. Loves handmade stores.

11 15
UX/UI Artist

To Sketch or not no Sketch, that is a question?! Shops only localy.

9 13
Queen of Android

Mobile hacker. Won drone racing tournament. Loves antique books shopping.

12 16
Back End Guru

Dr.Ruby. Writes science fiction books and rides longboard to the office. Drinks only organic beer.

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